Tribute to ‘Blue Dog’ Artist George Rodrigue

Tribute to ‘Blue Dog’ Artist George Rodrigue


Let’s take a moment today to remember American artist George Rodrigue, who passed away on Saturday, Dec. 14.

Rodrigue is famous for the Blue Dog, a decades-long series of paintings featuring a haunting blue dog in hundreds of different settings. The Blue Dog Paintings were based on the memory of Rodrigue’s family dog, Tiffany, and on the Cajun legends of the loup garou — a being that could change from human to wolf at will.

To remember him today, Paws 4 Abigail has selected a quote from him about his famous creation for our daily Dog Quote.

“I’m expressing the feelings of mankind today through the Blue Dog. The dog is always having problems of the heart, of growing up, the problems of life. The dog looks at us and asks, ‘Why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I going?’ Those are the same questions we ask ourselves. People look at the paintings, and the paintings speak back to them.”

PHOTO — George Rodrigue in his studio with his famous creation

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