Happy Birthday to Charles Lindbergh

Happy Birthday to Charles Lindbergh

02-04_LindberghHappy Birthday to Charles Lindbergh (born Feb. 4, 1902).

To mark this day, Paws 4 Abigail has selected a quote about his historic Transatlantic flight for our daily Dog Quote. This is from Myron Herrick, US Ambassador to France, who hosted Lindbergh in Paris after the flight in 1927.

“That night, my dog Max, who always slept in my room, having made Lindbergh’s acquaintance, decided he was a better man than I was and went in and passed the night on Lindbergh’s bed, with his head on his pillow. You can’t beat a dog’s instinct — not a good dog’s!”

PHOTO — Young Charles Lindbergh and his dog

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