Christmas Idea! “Bo in a Book”

BO in a BOOK is not a novel idea as there are at least 30 books out now about the Presidents Pet Portuguese Water Dog of which he has added another named Sunny!  This book is just about Bo and the Pets of the White House Past!  It is titled:  BO AND THE GHOSTS OF THE WHITE HOUSE PAST, by Claire McLean.

You can order an autographed book for only $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling and it will be shipped out right away for you to give to you favorite friend or child for the holidays.    This is a short story about how Bo is kidnapped  and the way the White House Pets of the Past are involved in a suspenseful adventure tale of intrigue.  This novelty paperback is a must for those who love pets, White House Pets, Portuguese Water dogs and a cute story about them.

Send your check for $15.00 and who  you wish the book autographed to and mail  to Presidential Pet Museum, 627 Admiral Drive, #8103, Annapolis, Md., 21401.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful happy Holiday Season.Bo-Obama

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